• Build a Real-Time Application in Minutes

    Streamr is a cloud platform for creating and running logic that instantly reacts to newest data. Data flows in, gets processed as a service, and actions or visualizations come out. The logic is built visually using drag and drop.

    Interactive Example

  • Our Secret Sauce

    We call them Canvases. It's data made agile! Quickly build logic on top of data streams. No programming skills required.

    Not Just Analytics

    Streamr integrates with external systems, allowing you to take automatic actions based on incoming data.

  • Mix and Match

    You can push data to our API, or we can connect you to public or private APIs, databases, commercial feeds, and data pipelines.

    Do Tweets Predict Bitcoin Price?

    Quickly build a canvas to find out. Prototype new ideas and combine streams to find new value. Because now you can.

Real-time data carries value that must be extracted before it expires. Streamr automates this. To hop on board, please sign up for early access below, or contact us directly.

Need a streaming data backend?

It's already up and running.

Streamr is a platform which runs your real-time analytics in the cloud. We scale up to process and distribute almost anything you can throw at us: millions of events, thousands of different data streams, complex events, and large numbers of users.

Want to build an algorithm for your data?

We make it easy.

Build any kind of real-time service either visually in drag-and-drop fashion or by coding in Java. Quickly experiment with new ideas and build prototypes on the way to production. And there’s a simple API which is accessible from any language.

Want to go live?

One click is all it takes.

Deploy your app live in the cloud with one click. That’s all it takes. Serve thousands of clients without worries about scalability or in-house maintenance. Test your algorithms with historical data in playback mode, and use the exact same model in production.


End-to-End Pipeline

From data reception and storage to processing, distribution and automation, Streamr can do it all.

Visual and Modular

Our drag-and-drop modular environment allows for fast prototyping and fast deployment of new ideas. No programming skills required.


We can connect to external systems both on the data input and output end - and even in-between processing! REST and streaming APIs, databases, Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, you name it.


Embed our dashboard widgets to websites and HTML5 apps using just one tag! Or subscribe to raw or processed streams as JSON for custom handling.


Create new modules directly in the browser using canvas abstractions or Java. Connect to remote APIs. Add proprietary or 3rd party libraries as modules.


We can scale to receive, process and distribute almost anything you can throw at us: large event streams, complex processing, large number of client connections...


Streamr is a flexible platform that can be used across many different fields. Here are some of our clients.

Social Network Sentiment Analysis

Funded By

Predicting People Flow

Second-Screen Apps for Live TV

Winner of IoT Challenge

Machine-Augmented Journalism

Social Media Analytics

Finance Portal 2.0

Food Waste Reduction

Live TV Voting

Fraud Detection

Algorithmic Trading

Meet the Team

Henri Pihkala

Henri Pihkala

Founder, CEO

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Nikke Nylund

Founder, Chairman

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Risto Karjalainen


Jaakko Manninen

Jaakko Manninen


Michael Malka

Michael Malka



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